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How We're Helping

Nomansland Community Events has been set up to run the facilities on behalf of the Nomansland Sports Association, which is a registered charity run entirely by volunteers to provide facilities in the interest of social welfare through recreation and leisure time occupation of the inhabitants of Nomansland and the surrounding areas. One of the main duties of the NSA is to operate Nomansland Recreation Ground at the end of School Road, Nomansland.

We provide a Community Clubhouse with changing rooms for two teams and officials, a Skatepark, 2 Tennis courts, football fields, cricket nets, a children’s play area and a picnic area and barbeque facilities. We are home to our local football team, we have a popular tennis club which has a competition team and coaching. The recreation ground is also extensively used by the local school in Nomansland and Landford. 

Most of our running costs are raised at our annual Summer Fayre on August Bank Holiday in association with the 4th Romsey Scout Group. We also raise funds for new equipment and facilities from businesses, council and other charity sources. We are always looking for help, so if you can volunteer a few hours of your time to help we would be pleased to hear from you.


Get Involved - Your community needs you!


We need the continued support of our local community to keep these excellent facilities open and for the use of the local communities, schools, scouts, clubs or groups  

We would welcome any local club or group wishing to establish themselves or make use of these facilities.


Sponsorship and Fund raising


Help from any local business or individual wishing to sponsor and support to maintain these great facilities would be greatly received